June Cleavidge

Owner, Producer, Teacher, & Performer- June has been in love with the theater since she was a child and has many years of experience directing and producing shows. She started as a student with Studio VaVaVoom in 2015 and brought her experience…

Woody Cumorah

Master of Ceremonies/Co-Host- Woody is a Utah transplant who enjoys the beautiful scenery and mild winters of Phoenix, AZ.

Beau Shade

Master of Ceremonies/Co-Host- Amateur archaeologist, prop maker, cat wrangler and subscriber to Men’s Ties Quarterly. My foray into burlesque began in 2015. I watched and watched and eventually was asked to be Stage Manager in October of…

Ida Tapdat

Teacher & Performer- Ms. Ida Tapdat has been tapping her toes since the day she could walk. Dance has been a part of her life since she starting taking classes at the age of 2. Ida's background is in Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Lyrical and Hip Hop.…

Marilyn Merlot

Performer- Marilyn hails from Southeastern Arizona. Her dance career started at the age of three, and includes backgrounds in Ballet, Tap, Irish Step, Hip-Hop, Polynesian and Belly Dance. She first became interested in Burlesque when she attended…
woman in chair

Daya Aries

Performer- Daya is a long time dancer and enjoys animals in her free time.

Illana Rogue

Performer - Illana Rogue is almost, but not quite, a native Phoenician with the Sonoran desert in her blood. She had a brief and forgettable stint of jazz dance with a Rattler's cheerleader as a child, and liked to flip flags around in color…

Nadia Crimson

Performer- Nadia Crimson is a statuesque performer who enjoys dancing.