Author: Juanna Kanoodle

Techer & Performer- Miles began his burlesque education at Studio VaVaVoom in January of 2018.  Inspired by the student talent and diversity, he registered for every available class and workshop.  In the summer of 2018 he was invited to understudy with the company of Studio VaVaVoom and in the fall of 2019 he became an official company member. 

Performer- Juanna started belly dance in 2011 where she first learned that her curvy body could move too. Daring to try and show more, she started burlesque classed with Mizz Lucy Moral in 2013. Slowly but steadily her stage presence and stage confidence grew. Finally in 2014, she took the stage in some student pieces and by  2015

Teacher & Performer- Purra Vida, athletic and an avid fitness enthusiast, had never taken a dance class before coming to Studio VaVaVoom. In July 2014 Purra Vida started a level one moves class with Lucy and was hooked! Pura worked her way up through all levels and workshops! In the Fall of 2015 Purra Vida was asked to

Owner, Producer, Teacher, & Performer- June has been in love with the theater since she was a child and has many years of experience directing and producing shows. She started as a student with Studio VaVaVoom in 2015 and brought her experience in professional productions to our Romantasy stage.