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Beauty Parlor-Stage Hair and Makeup.

Saturday, May 18th, 2024-10:00am  Learn the wonders of vintage hair and makeup with the incredible Kathleen Noel, AKA  Gigi Amore!.   This clinic will cover hair setting, hair styling, and stage makeup.

You will be amazed at what you can do after this session with Kathleen. There is always new tips and tricks to learn at Beauty Parlor rather its your first or 10th!


HAIR: curling iron, duck bill clips, finger wave clips, curl clips, bobby pins, hair spray, setting lotion, 5-7 row styling brush, teasing comb, regular comb, hair accessories, pin curl tool

MAKEUP: basic full face makeup including primers (eye and face) foundation, powder (translucent and matte) concealer, blush/contour/bronzer, neutral eye pallet, black and brown eyeliner (liquid or pencil), mascara, brow pencil or product, false lashes & glue, glitter is you wish, sponge, brushes q-tips, your favorite lipstick and lip liner in red, a mirror, makeup wipes, and a small towel.



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