Illana Rogue

Company Performer

Company Performer-  Illana Rogue is almost, but not quite, a native Phoenician with the Sonoran desert in her blood. She had a brief and forgettable stint of jazz dance with a Rattler’s cheerleader as a child, and liked to flip flags around in color guard all throughout high school. Once she did a complete flip in the middle of the field after she tripping over her own feet. In 2010, Illana began belly dancing at the local recreation center. She was invited to join the teacher’s troupe/pirate reenactment group which led her to performing all over the valley, including Comic Con. Sadly, she still doesn’t know how to properly sword fight. In 2013, she dipped her toe into burlesque at Studio VaVaVoom. In 2018, Illana had the pleasure of performing at the Buxom Blaze Burlesque Festival, along with her fellow Confucktionaries. In 2019, she became an apprentice to the VaVaVoom Company Dancers, where she continues on her burlesque journey.